TOP x Arena HOMME+ Magazine (September 2014)

Source: Star Naver

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(2) TOP for MAX MOVIE Magazine upcoming issue

BIGBANG’s 8th Anniversary Message

GD: It’s our 8th anniversary… We still have a long way to go ^^ Thank you, always!

Taeyang: 8th anniversary… I’m still strong/alive…! (strong,pal pal, sounds like the number “8”)

TOP: To everyone who were with Bigbang for 8 years! Thank you! For the happy tomorrow!!

Daesung: BIG BANG 8th anniversary!! Keep following me~!! (word play on GD’s “8ollow me”)

Seungri: For the 8th anniversary! Let’s meet now… I can’t wait any longer… Let’s meet up

Source: @ygent_official : @BIGBANGGisVIP

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